DVD Library of Traditional Textiles & Crafts

There are no other dvds like these. Intended to provide a complete and permanent record of surviving traditions and skills these unique films show the processes in full, in detail and with all the clarity and colour made possible by modern video cameras. In many ways they are better than being there - pausing and replaying the dvd gives the possibility of checking again where the quickness of the hands has eluded or deceived the eye.

All titles available on DVD and Pal and NTSC Video

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These videos have all been filmed on location in countries where craft traditions still survive. Made with the co-operation and assistance of the local people the videos are not travel films but vital records of traditional processes and techniques within the social, cultural and historical context in which their skills have survived.

"The next best thing to being there" Jennifer Wearden, V&A Museum, London

"Irreplaceable footage" Nancy Harvey, Victorian Videos U.S.

"I thought these videos were marvellous" Editor, FibreAction journal U.K.

These videos are licensed for non commercial private use. For any public showing (paying or not) a license will be granted on receipt of the one-off fee of £50.



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