Sumba in Indonesia still produces complex and superb quality Ikats with unique and original designs. Ikats are woven in traditional villages to produce cloths which are still worn for ceremonial occasions. Using indigo and a red dye from tree roots the people of this remote island have developed the skill of Ikat weaving to a very high level using local materials and traditional designs.

INS012 Royal Hingii

290cm x 128cm £295

INS021 Royal Hingii

254cm x 12cm £245 SOLD

INS010 Royal Funeral Hingii

296cm x 120cm £295

INS015 Royal Hingii

290cm x 110cm £295

INS020 Royal Wedding Hingii

310cm x 140cm £395 SOLD

INS023 Royal Hingii-Kaliuda

245cm x 120cm £195

INS011 Combinationl Hingii

240cm x 70cm £225 SOLD

INS016 Combination Hingii

220cm x 60cm £95

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